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School of Cyber Science and Technology


The history of research on cyber science and technology of Shandong University can be traced back to the mid-1980's when the cryptography research group in the Department of Mathematics at Shandong University was formed. The well established research and graduate student education in mathematics and cryptography have won Shandong University a high academic reputation nationally in the area of cryptography. In 2002, the information security major was created at Shandong University and it later achieved a National distinguished status and was named a Provincial Key Discipline. In 2007, the Key Laboratory of Cryptologic Technology and Information Security, Ministry of Education, was established at Shandong University. The Key Lab aimed at setting up platform on the theory of cryptography and information security to conduct research and educate students of world advanced level. The excellent research and teaching of the Lab made Shandong University among the first doctoral degree programs in cyber science and technology in 2015 accredited by the academic degree committee of the State Council. It was also honored as the distinguished discipline for National Defense. In October 2018, the School of Cyber Science and Technology (SCST) at Shandong University was officially established. With Professor Xiaoyun Wang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, being appointed the dean of SCST, an exciting new chapter in the development of Cyber Science and Technology of Shandong University has opened.

Key facts

SCST has a devoted team of faculty for high level research and teaching, leading by a world renowned expert in the field. Research on key projects by the SCST faculty has been supported by National Natural Science Foundation, Outstanding Youth Scientists Fund Program, 973 Projects, 863 Projects, etc.. Research projects include cryptographic design and analysis and address the need of society, national defense and aerospace. With the research platform of the Key Laboratory of Cryptologic Technology and Information Security, Ministry of Education, SCST research team has made remarkable achievements in the field of cyber science and technology and has been recognized by numerous prestigious awards including two second class State Natural Science Awards, three first class awards for State Cryptographic Science and Technology Progress, and China Cryptographic Society Award for Cryptographic Innovation. SCST is dedicated to educate talented students with solid theoretical foundation and knowledge in the professional area of cyber science and technology, to cultivate students with strong independent scientific research ability and engineering practice ability in the fields of cryptography and network and system security, and to encourage students to have social responsibility and innovative thinking. SCST has two majors for undergraduate and graduate programs: cyber science and technology and information security, topics of study cover three main SCST faculty research areas: cryptography, network and system security, and cyber science theory.

The School of Cyber Science and Technology is committed to guide students to explore the great area of cyberspace, for a wonderful future.